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What makes “the sunshine vitamin” so special?

What is vitamin D and what is its role?

Vitamin D is one of important nutrient our body to keep us healthy.

  • Absorbs calcium and keeps bones strong and healthy.
  • Vitamin D blocks Parathyroid hormone which reabsorbs bone tissue, making the bones thin and brittle.
  • Plays a role in muscle function and immune system.
  • Cancer (colon, breast, prostrate) protective.
  • Vital role in Diabetics and cardiac patients

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Osteoarthritis Knee & Treatment options

What is osteoarthritis?

It’s an age related degenerative wear and tear of the smooth lining (cartilage) of the joints.

 What joints are affected?

Commonly affects weight bearing joints (hips and knee), but can affect any joint. In Indian scenario knees are more affected due to our lifestyle.

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